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About us

Every service offered by SC Trigava SRL means quality, responsibility, adaptability, dynamism.

We have creative experts who use technology to generate best results and respond promptly to our clients demands.

You won't want to have done things differently: we predict, anticipate, plan and find the right solution.

We align the goals with those of our clients, being responsible for the work done.


Our Services

Business analysis

Our business analysts focus on the needs of your target audience to perform requirements engineering and outline the scope of the solution. They also bridge the gap between business stakeholders and an IT team to keep all the involved parties aligned.

Front-end development

Our web designers closely analyse the user audience to understand their needs and reflect these findings in UI design. Having agreed on the look and feel of a web app with project stakeholders, we bring it to life with front-end coding.

Back-end development

Our developers accurately implement the business logic of your web app on the back end. We rely on proven frameworks to ensure fast and quality coding.

Data migration

We analyse the bottlenecks and plan the migration strategy to achieve higher process efficiency and better usability. We take care of migration process accurately transferring historical data.


We set up APIs to integrate your web app with corporate or third-party systems and services. App integration ensures immediate data synchronization across systems.

Continuous support and evolution

We advance your web-based software to keep it efficient, competitive on the market, and compliant with all your evolving business needs.

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